About ANDC

A Government Data Center is now a highly important component in the effective and sustainable growth of ICT in Afghanistan. Thus, the Afghanistan National Data Center (ANDC), is playing a vital role, as the Ministry of Communication and IT (MCIT) leads the charge in driving a government-wide effort to reduce the ICT costs, lower energy consumption, improve information/cyber security, and enable a shift to more efficient and sustainable ICT solutions, such as e-Government, e-Commerce, m-Government (Mobile Service Delivery Platform), and cloud computing.

ANDC is a government data center, with its main objective to provide data center services to the government of Afghanistan and also to provide reliable and state-of-the art platform for various ICT applications and systems under the e-Government and m-Government programs of MCIT.

Currently, ANDC is hosting various government servers and applications and providing 24/7 services to various organizations. ANDC is a critical advanced technological infrastructure of the government that is capable of hosting various applications, providing managed and un-managed servers, data backup solutions, disaster recovery solutions, business continuity (cold and hot site) solutions, co-location services, and website and email hosting services.

ANDC is having a qualified pool of highly skilled professionals in data center related operations and also provide technical advisory services to other government organizations.