Overview of ANDC

The Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is committed to the adaptation and application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) within the government and promotion of its use in the Afghan society in general. Towards this end, several projects and programs have been initiated by the Government and many others are being planned.

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has been the lead organization in the implementation and deployment of new technological and innovative projects in the country in the field of ICT.

In alignment with the current needs of the government, MCIT built the Afghanistan National Data Center (ANDC) to be the data repository for the e-Government program of Afghanistan. Thus, it is considered instrumental in the delivery of e-Services across Afghanistan. 

On the other hand ANDC is serving other Government organizations of Afghanistan by providing various data center services to support their operations and business needs. Similarly, ANDC is having a vital role in providing the disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for the valuable systems and data of the Government of Afghanistan.