The main data centre located at Kabul, MCIT building is a world class with state of art infrastructure having a capacity to house more the 50 Racks and supporting a wide range of technologies. The facility is logically and physically secured with advanced and latest technology. It has redundant network infrastructure and power supply with sophisticated Environmental Monitoring System to provide 99.9% accessibility and availability of network and data to the clients.

ANDC Infrastructure Facilities
ANDC Highlights Non-IT Infrastructure Network & Data Security
SUN Based Storage Area Network 400 KVA Transformer and Stabilizer IPSEC, Dialup & SSL based VPN
Rack based Infrastructure 400 KVA Diesel Generator Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System
Automated Backup & Restore 2 x 60 KVA UPS Protocol & Port based Filtration through ASA & FWSM
State of Art Security 2 x ASD 70 2 A Precision Air Conditioning Servers' End Point Security, Zero Update Protection, Data Loss Prevention and Signature based Antivirus (CSA)
Fiber/WiMax Network Advanced Smoke and Fire Detection &             Automatic Fire Suppression System (FM200) Enhance Control of Cisco Network & Security Devices
Advanced Environmental Management System Water Detection System Industrial Strength Air Conditioning System
  CCTV Surveillance System Network & Server based Intrusion Detection System
  Biometric Access Control VLAN and Zoning
  Earthing Network SSL v3 Enabled for Web Servers
ANDC Features 24X7 Availability Monitoring
Integrated Hardware and Software Solution Main City Power Enterprise Network & Server Monitoring System
24/7/365 Monitoring of Data Center MCIT Main Gen-Set Monthly SLA Reports
Physically Secured Data Center ANDC Backup Gen-Set 24X7 NOC Presence
High Speed Redundant Internet Connections UPS in Parallel Redundant N+1 Mode  
UPS Power and Backup Diesel Generators Precision AC in N+1 Mode  
Industrial Strength Air Conditioning System Redundant Network Components  
Raised Access Floor Redundant Server Components