About Us

Afghanistan National Data Center (ANDC)

ANDC is a government data center, with its main objective to provide data center services to the government of Afghanistan and also to  provide reliable and state of the art platform  for various ICT applications and systems under the e-government and m-Government program of MCIT.

Afghanistan National Data Center (ANDC) project providing a backbone for the e-Government program. ANDC is also considered to be a premier and essential component of the Government of Afghanistan in the field of Information Services and information Technology (IT) applications. ANDC will be instrumental in steering ICT applications in Government Organizations on both Central and Provincial level for wider transparency in government functions and improvement in the decentralized planning and management. It will also address the needs of the private sector by providing latest and tailored to the needs technological infrastructure and services.

Hence MCIT/ANDC is requested to provide ANDC Data Center Services required by the CLIENT. MCIT/ANDC is pleased to serve the client and provide them tailored to the needs services. ANDC will be providing a fully secured environment for hosting the clients systems and ensuring proper availability and accessibility of their systems.


  1. MCIT/ANDC Requirements, Responsibilities and Service Level

MCIT/ANDC responsibilities and/or requirements in support of this Agreement include:


  • MCIT/ANDC Provides Services to the Client in the Data Center facility as defined in the Silver Package services in the table in section 2.2.
  • MCIT/ANDC is committed to providing 99.9% Availability and Accessibility to the systems of the Client hosted at MCIT/ANDC by having redundant hardware infrastructure and fiber connectivity in place at the Data Center facility.
  • Limiting unscheduled downtime.
  • MCIT/ANDC is not responsible for the website coding security if the website is developed by the Client.
  • MCIT/ANDC is responsible for the network security of the hosting systems.
  • MCIT/ANDC is responsible for providing website hosting and Email management control panel and login details to the client.


  1. The ClientRequirements and Responsibilities


The Client responsibilities and/or requirements in support of this Agreement include:


  • Reporting identified problems to the service provider.
  • Identifying service modifications and enhancements.
  • Performing the upload of data to the website and creation of email accounts.
  • Ensuring active Internet Connection.
  • The Client is responsible for maintaining the password of the system.


  1. Service Restrictions


For the safety and strong cyber security to be in place certain service restrictions are applied;


  • MCIT/ANDC will not provide permanent physical presence of client representative at the ANDC premises. The permission will be granted as per the client need through prior notification to the ANDC Directorate.
  • The services will be accessible via the Connectivity Medium Defined in Section 1.1.